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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

original contribution to knowledge

The principal criterion for the award of the degree
of Doctor of Philosophy is whether the thesis
represents an original and significant contribution
to knowledge, either by the discovery of new facts
and/or the exercising of independent critical ability
and/or the articulation of a new or novel approach to
the research question.

An original contribution to knowledge may be reflected
in a number of ways. The candidate may have raised an
important new problem or have addressed an existing
problem in a novel way. A candidate may have
investigated previously ignored material, developed
new techniques for investigating issues, or have
applied existing techniques to a new area of research.

Whether a candidate's work constitutes a "significant
contribution to knowledge" could be gauged by the
extent to which the thesis is publishable.
Normally a satisfactory Doctoral thesis might be
expected to form the basis for one or more articles
in recognised refereed research journals, or in some
disciplines, to form the basis of a monograph.
Examiners are invited to offer an opinion on
whether the thesis contains material suitable
for publication.

For full account: http://www.uow.edu.au/research/files/guidelines.rtf


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Lots of things I hsve learn. So,thank very much.
Omar Mayan
APhD student in IT at Munash Uni.

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